Peace and blessings

Hey there!  My name is Binta (Bin-ta) and I am the founder and main contributor of Internal Archives.

A little bit about me:

I am infused with Melanin. The type of melanin that makes people ask where I am from. My answer is always Chicago. I get the side eye – “Nah, but where are you from originally?” Here you go – I am the proud daughter of immigrants. I am a 1st generation millennial of Senegalese and Gambian descent. Born and raised in Chicago, IL by hard working parents.

It’s so funny because I often get asked this question. I am no stranger to living in two different worlds, the American and the African. These worlds have shaped my social lenses, allowing me to blossom into an innately empathetic individual.

There is a shortage of time here on this planet. Therefore, I strive to help as many people as I can through sharing my story and volunteering for various humanitarian organizations. I am an action-oriented and goal driven individual. I am an avid supporter of anti-bullying campaigns and I have a passion for aiding the less fortunate and encouraging others to ignite their passions. I am also an ever-evolving student and artist. I currently work in Arts & Culture and recently earned an M.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management.


Life will be filled with updates and revisions. No great story was published after the 1st draft. Respect your story and your struggles.


About this blog:

What Does Internal Archives mean?

In·ter·nal Ar·chives
inˈtərnl/ ar·chives
1. Hidden contents of a person’s cultural identity.
2. The constant battle of otherism, adhering to societal norms and, remaining true to who we are.
3. The memories we have stored that have molded each of us into the people we are today.

The mission:

Our mission is to serve as a platform to empower millennials of color to embrace their cultural identities. Internal Archives also wants its readers to become comfortable with their identities and to promote self love, cultural awareness and personal development.

Enough about me! Internal Archives also has two other contributors, you will be seeing their work from time to time.

Past Contributors:  

Anything is possible, you have to dream as if you’ve never seen obstacles.-Jermaine Cole (J.Cole) 

Natilie Williams is from Chicago, IL and attended Central Michigan University where she received a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts in Integrative Public Relations. Recently, she received her Master’s in Communication from Illinois State University with a focus on Intercultural Communication. During her graduate program, she completed a 130-page Master’s thesis on her favorite television show, A Different World. Her thesis allowed her to meet the A Different World cast on The Steve Harvey Show. She also teaches public speaking courses at the collegiate level, while working full-time as a Business Analyst. Academically and professionally, she interested in intercultural interactions that promote diverse and inclusive work spaces beneficial to teams. In her free time, She enjoys reading, traveling the world, attending concerts, and spending time with family and friends.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Stephanie Kotchofa was born and raised in Benin, West Africa. She attended Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts where she received a Bachelor in Science and Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Management. She is currently earning a M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communication at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

As a lover of everything “Beauty”, Stephanie brings a multicultural background and diversity to Internal Archives. She spent almost a decade living outside of her home country travelling from one place to another, she is a world explorer; an adventurer. In her free time, she is constantly on the hunt for the latest new hotspot, discovering hidden neighborhood gems. Contemporary art museums are definitely her happy place.

Stephanie is passionate about social change and social justice. She has volunteered at places like Amnesty International in Chicago and networking most days became ultimately part of her experiences as a highly motivated leader-to-be. Her goal is to become an expert in the fields of the management of luxury goods and her ultimate dream would be to create later on her own social enterprise to empower women and entrepreneurs.